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Acupuncture is one part of Oriental Medicine that has been used for over 3,000 years. It orginated in China and has since been incorporated into many countries, including the United States.

Oriental medicine bases the concept of health on energy. Energy or Qi (pronounced Chee) flows through all living things. Qi runs through meridians or pathways throughout our bodies. As the Qi becomes imbalanced, we then develop dis-ease. Dis-ease may be seen in the form of pain, anxiety, stress, etc.

When visting an acupuncturist, the practitioner will ask many questions concering your health such as: diet, exercise and many more. The practitioner may look at your tongue and take your pulse to determine deeper underlying patterns.

The practitioner will then put all the information together to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. After a diagnosis is determined, small solid needles, about the thickness of hair, are inserted into the body which then assist the transformation of unbalanced enerby into a harmonious state. Normally 3-6 treatments are recommended to notice a change in the body.

Oriental medicine treats both root and branch. Just as the roots of a tree need to be healthy in order for the branches to push out leaves, flowers, berries and fruit, our bodies need to be internally healthy in order to function in a peaceful healthy state. Therefore, suggestions may be made regarding diet, exercise and lifestyle change.